The Best Activities to Have at Childrens’ Birthday Parties

It’s inevitable, your child grew another year older and it’s time to celebrate their birthday. Putting a children’s birthday party together is all about keeping the children at the party busy, entertained and out of trouble. We’ve composed the best activities to have at your child’s birthday to ensure both the birthday boy or girl and their guests have a wonderful time.

Children love to pretend, what better way to jumpstart children’s imaginations than with face paint and accessories like tails, ears? The key when having face paint is to have a professional paint the children and to only use non-toxic face paints like the face paint brand, Elegant Minerals. Always use face paints labeled free of parabens, formaldehyde, and synthetic dyes to ensure your children are safe and free from metal contaminates and other harmful chemicals.

With all the food, sweets and excitement at birthday parties you’ll want to have some sort of activity that will eventually tucker children out. Dance parties, obstacle courses, inflatable slides and bouncy houses are always winners at birthday parties. Children love getting to jump and slide through inflatable castles and parents love that the children are using up energy. Dance parties are fun too because every child loves to dance. Make sure all the music you play is appropriate; consider Kidz Bop for the music as all their songs are edited for children’s ears. Physical activity at birthday parties is a win for everyone.

Clowns, magicians and even musical entertainment are great ways to pass time at children’s birthday parties without actually having to keep them active. Make sure you do your research prior to hiring any children’s entertainment as they can be pricey or specialize in certain activities. Clowns are great for most ages. Try and hire one who can do face paint, magic and make balloon animals because then you only need to hire one person rather than three. This saves on funds. Also consider the age of the child because clowns can be scary to young children and they often can’t understand magic. In that case, musical entertainment is usually more appreciated by younger children. Make sure to research the actual entertainment for background checks and professional expertise too.

No party is complete without food but with so many dietary restrictions and health concerns these days you want to make sure you have options for everyone. Always check with the parents of guest to find out if there are any dietary restrictions of allergies you need to be aware of such as gluten, peanuts or dairy. Always stick with foods that won’t stain clothing, require multiple bites and aren’t messy.

Once the birthday party is over make sure to have goody bags and favors for all the guests. It’s hard enough for children to watch another child get a gift and the have nothing in return, goody bags help children cope with “mine” issues that come from gift giving to the birthday boy or girl. Just as with toys, make sure the goody bags are free of small parts, any choking hazards and try to make all favors unisex to avoid issues with disputes between boys and girls.

Having a child is fun and watching them grow is even more fun. Make sure you’re prepared for their birthday parties and turn it something to enjoy, not dread. Before you know it you child will be turning 16 and they won’t want you to throw them parties and you’ll miss the days of clowns and bouncy castles.